Mapping Slavery in New York

8 jun 2017

(Program in English)

In August 2017, Dutch New York Histories, Connecting Native American, African and Slavery Heritage will be published in the US and the Netherlands. It maps the Dutch history of New Amsterdam and New Netherland, later becoming New York city and state. It is the second guide after Gids Slavernijverleden Amsterdam Slavery Guide (2014) that is written by the Mapping Slavery research team.

Due to the visit of two of the American partners who are in Amsterdam on invitation of Dutch Culture, Cordell Reaves (Historic Interpretation and Preservation Analyst at NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, USA) and Dennis Maika (Senior historian and education director, USA), the Mapping Slavery team would like to give a sneak preview of their work, and introduce the partners they work with.


Cordell Reaves
Dennis Maika
Mark Ponte
Dienke Hondius
Nancy Jouwe
Jennifer Tosch

Organizing partners: Mapping Slavery NL, Black Heritage Tours and Read My World.
Thanks to Dutch Culture and Kosmopolis Utrecht



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