Duygu Alkan

Duygu Alkan (1990) is a vocal performer in the style of Turkish Classical Ottoman andAnatolian(Turkish,Kurdish, Armenian,Greek)folk music.She completed her bachelors in Turkish Folk Music and Voice training in Ege Conservatory in Izmir. 

Duygu is now completing her Masters in Voice training at Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam.Since 2010 she performs in different counties such as Turkey,Iraq,Netherlands, Germany,Sweden,Cyprus.Duygu performs with the different musicians in the different projects,Eren Aksahin,Kemal Dinc,Andriana Petala,Nikos Augouditis and many more.

Duygu is also the founding member/singer of the “Serenade Ensemble” They create a beautiful mix of  – Clas music from Greece and Turkey.