Anadolu Ekspres

Hailing from Rotterdam, Anadolu Ekspres is a DJ collective known locally for organising club-nights forwarding the legacy of Turkish music. Their obsessive urge for new sounds has resulted in a music collection that includes rare vinyl stacked carefully next to boxes of forgotten cassette tapes, not to mention their flash-drives full of wonky mp3’s.

Throughout the years they shared the stage with international artists and DJ’s such as Altın Gün, BaBa ZuLa, Barış K. and Mehmet Aslan, as well as many respected local artists. Recently they have played at festivals such as Atlas Electronic (MA), Milhões de Festa (PT) and various local venues such as Sugarfactory, EKKO and WORM.

Be invited to an eclectic journey of obscure Turkish rarities. Feverish, excellent stuff to dance to!

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