Filmprogramma 2021

GENTRIFIED STORIES  (NL, 30 min.) is a documentary by Read My World and Beyond Walls on the history and impact of gentrification through the eyes of writers, community builders, storytellers, entrepreneurs, organizations and more living in the boroughs of the city of Amsterdam. What is gentrification exactly and who is responsible to stop or slow down this process? Who’s the gentrifier and who’s being gentrified? And how can we reimagine a future where prosperity can benefit all?

Soufia Zahri dives into the various districts of Amsterdam and talks to Massih Hutak, Mitchell Esajas, Najah Aouaki, Wouter Pocorni, Chris Keulemans, Tayfun Balçık and more. With reflections on the demographic changes affecting them and their communities they shed a critical light on the impact of gentrification in today’s world.


Gentrified Stories is a co-production of Read My Word and Beyond Walls.

Jeremy Flohr is a filmmaker, visual storyteller and audio producer with a Bachelor of Law in his pocket. Jeremy is co-founder of Beyond Walls. His work is at the intersection of colonial history, personal stories and social themes. Jeremy edited and filmed Gentrified Stories.

Fatma Bulaz is a programmaker for Read My World festival and producer & co-editor of the documentary Gentrified Stories.

Soufia Zahri is a journalist and programmaker. She writes about everything that moves her at the intersection of society, art and politics. She has done this at OneWorld, Pakhuis de Zwijger among others. Soufia is the main narrator of the documentary.


Beyond Walls is an Amsterdam-based and globally active collective of independent cultural professionals, artists and visual storytellers. Their mission is to contribute to decolonial futures by initiating and curating projects that raise awareness, challenge views and spark critical conversation and co-creation. Beyond Walls believe in the power of storytelling and art as a way to educate and inspire people beyond historical facts.

Beyond Walls works with a diversity of partners like Framer Framed, TED, Read My World, Het Tropenmuseum, Erasmus Huis, Open University and more.