Workshop ‘Performative Translation

Open Call:
Workshop ‘Performative Translation’

Open call for multilingual people! Do you easily move from one language to another? Are you constantly thinking and processing everything you see and hear in multiple languages? And … do you like to be on a stage? Then the “Performative Translation” workshop might be for you!

This summer, the International Literature Festival Read My World launches a new initiative to support its programmes: The Performative Translation workshop.

During this four-day course, participants learn how to use their multilingualism to translate a live conversation happening on stage. For this, they need a thorough knowledge of the topic of discussion, an affinity with the cultural contexts from which the festival guests come from and a sensitivity on the importance of bridging languages and cultural differences. The Performative Translation workshop idea comes from Read My World’s understanding that the translator plays an important role in its programmes, and they can be fully part of how literature is presented on stage. If as a translator you like to be in the spotlight, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to further develop yourself in this field!

This year, Read My World focuses on Morocco, and the workshop will therefore reflect the needs of this specific region.

Main learning objectives:

– You learn to use and develop your multilingualism as a quality that can be integrated into stage events.

– You learn new skills to be able to summarize discussions on stage and using your own knowledge and background to correctly contextualize a conversation.

Under the guidance of experienced translators, supported by a storyteller, a moderator, a deaf interpreter and an expert on the multilingualism of Morocco, the participants in the workshop will be prepared to translate live at the upcoming Read My World Festival 2019 (10-12 October 2019). This means you can put what you’ve learned into practice right away!

We are looking for people who:

– Have affinities with the various themes of the festival*.

– Are not afraid (or are willing to learn) to be on stage.

– Are available for the four days of the workshop programme: 11, 13, 18 and 20 September 2019.

– Are at least bilingual in the following language combinations which we will focus on for the 2019 edition of the festival:

Arabic- Dutch and English
Arabic- Dutch
Arabic- English
French- Dutch and English
French- Dutch
Arabic- English
Derija- Dutch and English
Derija- Dutch
Derija- English
Tamazight- Dutch and English
Tamazight- Dutch
Tamazight- English

The workshop is open for participants of all ages (18+?). A practice as an interpreter and/or translator can be an advantage but not a prerequisite, we also wish to include people who have not completed any training in the translation field but who can naturally express themselves well in multiple languages and who want to further expand their expertise to bring it on a stage. After the Read My World Festival there will be an evaluation of the trajectory and we will investigate future possibilities.

We support equal access and welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

The four-day workshop trajectory takes place on 11, 13, 18 and 20 September 2019.

Is this something you would like to do, or you know someone who could participate in the workshop? Then tell us why in a short letter*, accompanied by your CV, and send it before 1 August 2019 to:

Canan Marasligil

*In your letter, make sure you tell us which languages are part of your life and how you use them: this can be from oral knowledge, to reading and watching art/(popular) culture/books/comics… to writing, singing, expressing yourself in different languages. Any experience related to how you live your languages matters, so make sure you write it down.  We also want to know about your affinities with the festival topics (see the description of the festival below for more info), these include: intersectional feminism, contemporary literature, LGBTQ+ questions, representation, activism, and more.

We will announce the selection of participants on 12 August.

Participation to the workshop trajectory is free. Participants who will be our Performative Translators during Read My World will be remunerated for their work on stage.