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Willemijn Lamp

Willemijn Lamp is the co-founder and artistic director of Read My World.

Marije Koens

Marije Koens has worked for a variety of cultural organizations, including the house of poets Perdu, spoken word platform Poetry Circle Nowhere, educational organisation School der Poëzie and ensemble for new music Asko | Schönberg. She specializes in contemporary poetry, loves gardening and has one child.

Chadiedja Buijs

Chadiedja Buijs was born and raised in Alkmaar and has been travelling around the world since the age of seventeen. For two years she studied liberal arts and sciences in Rome and collaborated with the American Embassy in Vatican City. She has also worked  in the visual arts scene in Cairo after which she specialized in contemporary Islamic art and cultures at Leiden University,

Since October 2018, she has worked as a project manager, researcher, and editor in Amsterdam, at Read My World, but also for Urban Resort, Adelheid + Zina and for the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Fatma Bulaz

Fatma Bulaz is a programmer, coordinator and researcher. She studied Cultural and Social Education at in The Hague and Middle East Studies in Leiden. In the past few years she has traveled along the borders of Eastern Turkey, including in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran. Her fascination with the history, language and culture of that region has led her to become program coordinator of the Freedom Book Fair.

She is currently a project officer for the 20th edition of Arab Film Festival and a volunteer for the NGO The Hague Peace Projects.

Canan Marasligil

Canan Marasligil is a feminist writer, artist, literary translator, editor, podcaster and cultural programmes curator based in Amsterdam.

Canan’s interest is in challenging official narratives and advocating freedom of expression through a wide range of creative projects and activities, and to tell stories on paper, on stage, on screen using a wide range of media. She is a programme curator at the international literature festival Read My World and has a.o. initiated the Performative Translator’s programme for the festival.





Emma van Meyeren

Emma van Meyeren is a essayist and DJ. In 2020 a collection of essays about mourning was published: ‘Ook ik ben stukgewaaid’. With Read My World she created the workshop series ‘Het dagboek als feministisch genre’. Her favorite diaries are those of Susan Sontag, she loves the prose of Astrid Roemer and the poetry of Adrienne Rich.

Tim Blaauw

Tim is een programmamaker die onder andere heeft gewerkt voor organisaties als de Tolhuistuin, Amerpodia, Prince Claus Fund en Poetry Circle Nowhere. Op dit moment werkt hij voor, naast zijn werkzaamheden voor het Read My World festival, in de zorg als Geestelijk Verzorger en aan een documentaire voor productiehuis Een van de Jongens. In zijn programmering maakt hij  gebruik van verschillende disciplines in het vertellen van verhalen. Hierbij gebruik makend van de verschillende kwaliteiten die poëzie, literatuur, film, dans, theater en muziek in zich dragen voor het tonen en onderzoeken van verschillende thema’s, vragen en verlangens.

Olivier Willemsen

Olivier Willemsen is a writer. He has been working for Read My World since 2017.


Lorraine Masamba

Lorraine Masamba is a freelance creative marketeer, producer and (radio)host.

Merel Wildschut

Merel calls herself a ‘professional sharer’. She’s always online, except when she is laying in her garden reading novels and poetry. Merel is founder of De Groene Meisjes. In 2021 she published a cookery book. She feels at home in the Queer community and she is always questioning and exploring her activism.

Merel Hobrink

Merel grew up in the East of the Netherlands and moved to Utrecht to study Art and Economics at the HKU. She graduated in 2017 after which she started working as a freelancer in the cultural sector. She is production manager at various theater companies, sets up her own theater projects, is business leader at iona & rineke and produces Read My World.

Gwen Peroti

Gwen Peroti is a freelance producer. She worked for cultural events and organisations as IFFR, Museum De Lakenhal and ZigZagCity Architectuur Festival. We’re proud she’s in our team since the first edition!

Houda Bibouda

Houda (1992) is committed to social issues. She has started an anti-racism action group in Tilburg and organizes Safe Space events. She writes under the pseudonym Tough and Vulnerable and performs regularly as a Spoken Word artist. For the past two years she has been a coordinator at Poetry Circle Nowhere and she worked for The Stage. She is currently developing the fringe program for a performance by House of Nouws.

Rik van der Veen

Rik van der Veen has worked as theater technician for many years. He has been our head of technics since the very first edition.


LABland is a collective formed by three scenographs: Juul Dekker, Sofie Doeland and Roos Matla. Together they make installations on location. They search for undiscovered places, forgotten or out of function. As a collective they transform these existing places, through unfolding or unwrapping them.


Bureau O4 designs and builds clean clear websites for many (cultural) companies. For example

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