The Read My World Foundation (Stichting Read My World) is managed according to the management board model (bestuur-directie-model). Ernestine Comvalius (chairwoman), Suehaly Koek (treasurer), Naima Azough (secretary) and Guido Snel are currently members of the board.

Abridged Policy Plan

Read My World’s policy is aimed at achieving the foundation’s objective and is not for profit. This is also apparent from its actual circumstances: the foundation allows the proceeds of its assets to benefit the objective and a credit balance must be spent in accordance with the objective. For the period 2021-2024 Read My World is structurally subsidized by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts with an amount of 155.000 EUR per year. For the period 2021-2022 Read My World is subsidized as well by the Dutch Foundation for Literature with 50.000 EUR per year.

Remuneration Policy

The members of the board of Read My World receive no remuneration other than an allowance for expenses incurred in respect of the work they perform in that capacity. Read My World’s remuneration policy is aimed at rewarding its employees in accordance with socially acceptable standards, in line with its status as a cultural institution. The foundation follows the guideline for artists’ fees (‘Richtlijn functie- en loongebouw presentatie-instellingen voor beeldende kunst’), which was developed for Dutch presentation and postgraduate institutions. This guideline complies with the core values of the Fair Practice Code Culture (Fair Practice Code Cultuur).

Support us

As is often the case in the cultural sector, our ambitions often exceed our financial resources. If you can afford it, we could really use your financial support. To make a donation, transfer the desired amount to our IBAN account: NL63 INGB 0007639188 under the name Stichting Read My World, stating ‘donation’, your name and address. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show our gratitude for your support with a reward or any kind of compensation. We will show it by always giving you a warm welcome to our events.

Donations to the Read My World Foundation are subject to tax breaks, as Read My World is a cultural Public Benefit Organisation (PBO): those (natural and legal persons) who donate to us can deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.  You may deduct 1,25 times the amount of your donation in your income tax return. The tax authorities accept, in other words, that you deduct a quarter more than you actually donated. Read more about the benefits you enjoy when you donate to Read My World on the website of the tax authorities.

Privacy statement

In our privacy statement we explain what Read My World does with the data we collect from our users. If you have any questions about this, or if you would like to know exactly what information and data we keep about you, please contact us.