Read My World 2021: With Care

With Care: that is the perspective of this new edition of Read My World. Care for yourself, for others, for the world. This hushed time, a time when we were often locked up at home, revealed that all that running and flying is unhealthy for us. The world hit the brakes, and that interruption, that calm, made us more thoughtful. Thinking about the everyday, with more care and attention for each other.

We missed our family and friends far away and sometimes just a stone’s throw away. We toasted digitally, embraced the other in pixels. The pandemic makes it very clear that humanity must change in order to survive, to look at each other and not to confront each other as ones and zeros. Protests against anti-black racism, anti-Asian racism, against climate change and an ongoing demand for equal rights took roots in cities across the world. These voices are the force leading us towards the change we urgently need. It is important to continue now, in solidarity and with care.