Thank you all for listening, watching and donating. All proceeds will be distributed amongst the non-profit organizations Oxfam Novib, Plant een Olijfboom and 7Amleh. On Sunday the 5th of November we organized an on the air read-in, in which over 50 writers, readers, thinkers, poets, musicians and speakers joined us in finding words and spaces instead of those that keep evaporating in the face of violence. For ourselves and this reality. For Palestine.


Before Gaza was besieged and before the apartheid wall was erect, some family friends from southern Gaza came to visit us carrying the same family name. I cannot remember any longer if they were indeed family members or simply carried the same family Azaizeh name by coincidence. It was probably the latter. At any event that probability was enough to shake me when I watched on TV my own family name written on a covered body of a lady from the Azaizeh family. I do not know who she was, but it could be me. The camera moves to another shroud. The remains of Kinda and Malak Azazieh. I do not know who they were, perhaps my twin sister and I, sorry, the remains of my twin sister and I. Were we waiting for a similarity of names to be shaken? A similarity in how we die, or the meal we were having when we were bombed? Perhaps the imprint on the last pillow we slept on?

We 60 writers who have raised our voice today over this radio thon, we could be members of one family and we would die in one go, in one massacre, and one grave. Or perhaps die hours later under the rubble, alone, after screaming and our voices lost forever. “I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of being forgotten under the rubble”, says my friend Ihab. Perhaps we have not been killed yet but we are waiting for our death. “When we hear the shelling, we look at each other silent last looks”, one young Gazan says. And if a vertical missile will not split our heads in Gaza, our silence will kill us in our adorned rooms, on our clean beds and notebooks ready for poetry. We will drown in our sweet water if we remain silent. Blindness produced by silence will kill us, could we claim to have seen if we remained silent? History will not believe us, history will recall those who have spoken. Darkness will kill us, and the only light staring at our truth is coming out now of Gaza. Thank you read my world, for bringing us for a few hours within the light, and add our voice to the millions of voices calling out against the darkness، hatred, and sadness. “my god is this sadness? And for many years I thought I knew it” says my friend the poet Husam Marrouf. May this be the last night.

May we all wake up to goodness. I wish it’s a good awakening.

– Asmaa Azaizeh

The Line Up

Central European Time (CET) On demand video Soon Available

12:00 Babs Gons
12:10 Gary Younge
12:15 Ghayath Almadhoun
12:25 Nisrine Mbarki
12:30 Sandy Bosmans
12:40 Zeinab el bouni
12:45 Joost Oomen
12:55 Khadija Muhaisen Dajani

13:00 Bahghi + dj
13:10 Rania Atef
13:15 Fleur Pierets
13:20 Sachli Gholamalizad
13:25 Hasan Gök
13:30 Sinine Nakhle
13:35 Maurits de Bruijn
13:40 Canan Marasligil
13:45 Jorgen Gario
13:55 Dalilla Hermans

14:00 Vladimir Lucien
14:05 Belit Sag
14:10 Nicole Kaandorp
14:15 Tuning In protest choir
14:20 Zaïre Krieger
14:25 Lisa Weeda
14:30 Sjaan Flikweert
14:40 Marjolijn van Heemstra
14:45 Naeeda Aurangzeb
14:55 Logan February

15:00 Willemijn Kranendonk
15:10 Omar Musa
15:15 Nadia de Vries
15:25 Nancy Mounir
15:30 Joost van Kersbergen
15:40 Asha Karami
15:45 Gerson Main
15:55 Sinan Cankaya

16:00 Chris Keulemans
16:10 Marco Martens
16:15 Onias Landveld
16:20 Sara Ehsan
16:25 Ernestine Comvalius
16:30 Ola Mafalaani
16:35 Jose Luis Gomez
16:40 Roziena Salihu
16:45 Tarik Hamdan

17:00 Fedwa Misk
17:05 Reda Kanzaoui
17:10 Houda Bibouda
17:15 Joke Hermsen
17:20 MA.MAYO
17:25 Simone Atangana Bekono
17:30 Sepideh Jodeyri
17:40 Mirte Hartland
17:45 Birsu Tamer
17:55 Pelumi Adejumo

18:00 Steff Geelen
18:10 Shishani
18:15 Mona El Tahawi
18:25 Khadija el Idrisi
18:30 Rodgairo Dalnoot
18:35 Alara Adilow
18:40 Nilay Ceber
18:45 Nour Jordan
18:50 Najiba Abellaoui
18:55 Laksmi

19:05 Lin An Phoa
19:10 Manuwi
19:15 Benzo Karim
19:20 Houda Bibouda
19:25 Manu van Kersbergen
19:30 Eva van Manen
19:40 Dean Bowen
19:45 Simone Zeefuik
19:50 Mia You
20:00 Asmaa Azaizeh


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Dear followers,

The Read My World Festival has its origins in Palestine. It all started with a conversation in Ramallah with poet Asmaa Azaizeh in 2010. We didn’t know yet that this spark of speaking truth to power from within would resonate among novelists, poets and performers from all over the globe who have since then joined us year after year for the past decade, gathering around the fire of our festival. A celebration of humanity, of imagination, of empathy, of resilience, a celebration of the power of words and love of life.

In a time of ongoing attacks on civilians in Gaza, the killings of civilians in Israel and the West Bank, and rising ethnic violence, we as a literature festival, feel the need to amplify the voices of victims in this war. We also call for an immediate ceasefire and the end of occupation. We call upon our politicians to stop using words that do nothing else but fuel hatred and misinformation.

We ourselves will take action in the way we know best: offering a space for listening to all those voices who are silenced, under pressure, here, in Palestine and worldwide. That’s why we organize on the 5th of November an on the air read-in, in which over 50 writers, readers, thinkers, poets, musicians and speakers will join us to find words and spaces instead of those that keep evaporating in the face of violence. For ourselves and this reality. For Palestine.

We will soon publish the link to the livestream of the radiothon, hosted by RadioRadio. If you can, we invite you to make a donation through the QR code below or via this payment link. All proceeds will be distributed amongst the non-profit organizations Oxfam Novib, Plant een Olijfboom, and 7Amleh.

We invite our communities of readers and writers to join us. In the meantime, we keep reaching out to people who are in dire need for support, here and there: emotional, financial, practical.

Zondag 5 november: Radio-ton voor Palestina. Zestig schrijvers, kunstenaars, filosofen laten acht uur lang werk klinken voor Palestina. Meer informatie volgt.