Zus & Zo Talks

10 Oct 2020
17:30 uur

“There is a pretense to a homogeneity of experience covered by the word sisterhood that does not in fact exist.”
– Audre Lorde

How inclusive is sisterhood? And what is the meaning of sisterhood in a society where we are trying to separate ourselves from imposed gender roles and binary social constructions? Does sisterhood transcend gender?

During this talk we will discuss how sisterhood has evolved over the years and what role it has within current feminism. Together with a panel of guests and performances of spoken word artists, we go deeper into the theme in search for answers. While recognizing our mutual differences, it is important to explore and get to know them. But how do you prevent our differences from drifting us apart?

Host: Charisa Chotoe

 Foto: Luuk Koenen