The Language of The Flesh

10 Oct 2019
22:30 uur

There is a lot of beauty in the freedom to have sex, to desire and feel lust. How are those sensations expressed in literature, in the arts, in (popular) culture? How do these depictions affect us – as writers, artists but also viewers, members of the society.

We also tend to think of certain cultures as more taboo than others, especially within Western societies, but Western cultures have a long history of repressing sexuality. One thing that unites all repressions is patriarchy, which is present across geographies, historical contexts and cultures.

We invite writers and artists to tell us stories about sexuality from their own perspective or the perspective of the art and literature that feed them. Through this programme, we want to debunk all the stereotypical depictions of sex and move beyond the taboos to create a space where sex can be talked about freely through poetry, storytelling, performance… This event will explore the many ways it is possible to express oneself through the flesh.

With: Bahaa Trabelsi, Sanaa El Aji, Hajar Moutaouakil and Leïla Bahsain

Moderator: Warda El-Kaddouri

Language: Of the Flesh / and English (French/Arabic speakers translated to English)