The Free Speech: a journalistic exchange

12 Oct 2018
8:30 PM

Prior to the festival, an exchange will take place between Dutch journalist Rasit Elibol and the Turkish journalist Ali Duran Topuz. Topuz is the founder and editor in chief of Gazete Duvar (The Wallpaper), one of the few genuinely independent media outlets in Turkey.

Within this exchange, the journalists will investigate the meaning of ‘the free speech’ from different contexts. The journalists will ask each other questions about this theme to which the other will respond in a number of columns to be published in their respective media.

During the program on the night of 12 October, the two journalists will present the outcomes of the exchange. They will each read a fragment from their own work, written in the context of the exchange. This will be followed by a conversation between the journalists, led by a moderator. This program highlights the exchange of ideas and perspectives that arise from different (journalistic) contexts. The program will be in Dutch and there will be a translator present for Ali Topuz.

Moderator: Nicole Terborg