The Cornbread Library

14 Oct 2017
6 - 9 PM

The Cornbread Library is the place where we will celebrate the literary work of leading Black writers such as hooks, Baldwin, Du Bois, Danticat and Kincaid. Whereas the international literary canon is dominated by the works of white authors, our Library recognizes the breadth, the power and the beauty of Black literature.

Program Saturday 14 october

6- 7 PM Black Women Writers
Brittney Cooper, Jenny Mijnhijmer, Dorothy Blokland

7 – 8 PM Zwarte NL canon
Miguel Heilbron, Charl Landvreugd and Susu Amina

8 – 9 PM Favorite Writers
Sylvana Simons, Ernestine Comvalius, Roziena Salihu and Sandy Bosmans

Host: Malique Mohamud
DJ: Maarten van Hinte