A Poetics of Dreams

9 PM
End 9:50 PM
Language: Dutch and English*

An artist archives her own dreams and that of her community
A performer induces the dream-state on a stage
A poet steals the images, words and characters from her dream-world and brings them to the paper

Are dreams the flotsam of our waking lives, washed up on the shores of consciousness? Or are dreams, like pain, meaningful messages from our bodies? A hallucinatory evening about the lyrical annotation of dreams. On how to navigate, map and induce the dream state for writing and performances. With conversations on the density of meaning with recurring dreams and motifs, and the images haunting across different generations. What do dreams do in prose & poetry, how do they allow us to tap into words and feelings we are otherwise unable to express?

With poetry, images and dreams by Asha Karami Rhoda Davids Abel, Maureen Ghazal and Tja Ling Hu.

*The performances are in Dutch or English. All readings will be projected in both Dutch and English translation.