A Letter to my hometown

7:30 PM
End 8:20 PM
Language: English*

The concept of hometown can mean different things to different people. It could be the city where you grew up, the place you currently call home, or even any spot in the world where you feel a deep sense of belonging. In the Dutch language, there is no word that perfectly captures this idea. The use of terms like “place of residence” or “home,” and perhaps “heimat” comes close. But when we talk about hometown, we’re talking about that particular place that holds a personal connection and meaning, unique to each individual.

Our identity is shaped by many factors, including the stories and history of our family, their birthplace, and our own birthplace. But it’s also influenced by the places we’ve been to or aspire to be. Hometowns play a significant role in all of this.

In this program, three writers pour their hearts into texts dedicated to their hometowns. They delve into the essence of these places that have shaped them, drawing inspiration from the depths of their experiences. And to add a musical touch, Mushroom Mosis leads the way, paying a soulful tribute to his own hometown.

*This program will be held in English. Translations of the performances will be projected in Dutch and English.