Remnants of a Square: Post Revolutionary Writing

12 Oct 2018
6:30 PM

Every revolution has its own square. It’s the place where protestors and activists gather for a better world. But what happens when demonstrations are broken up and the teargas is rising? What remains of the square’s revolutionary zeal when the moment of revolution has passed?

Over the past years the Tahrir- and Gezi squares have transformed into places that are alive with new ideas and future perspectives. Other places in the world have also observed a revolutionary atmosphere, such as during the Occupy movement. But the political reality of the everyday is obstinate. Revolutions are quelled and ideals fade when transformative change does not take place. In these situations, what remains of the creative energy that filled the squares during times of revolution?

In this program we ask writers: how can you think, write and act revolutionarily in this post-revolutionary moment? Together we explore new spaces in the city and in literature.

Moderator: Özkan Gölpinar