Read My World Revue

12 Oct 2018
11 AM and 2 PM

The Read My World Revue is an exciting literary show with music, dance and poetry by young people from Amsterdam. Over the past couple of weeks students from the SG Reigersbos, Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer, Fons Vitae Lyceum and Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam participated in poetry lessons with teachers from the School der Poëzie (School of Poetry) and wrote their own poem, inspired by the work of the Turkish festival guests.

Budding poets recite their work at the Read My World Revue. Poems are punctuated by urban dance from Turn it Loose. In a spectacular intermission the dancers spin and twist across the stage. Vlado Spisiak will accompany the poems on guitar.

At the end of every Revue an expert jury decides who will take home the trophies.

Note: there are limited tickets available for this program, reserve your ticket soon if you want to attend!

A program in collaboration with Perdu