Read My World Festival // Day 1

6 Oct 2016

Whatever happens,
the sky will be with you.
– Iryna Vikyrchak

Just out of curiosity: what do you know about Ukraine and Poland besides what you have seen and heard on the news? What do you know about the customs, the landscape, the people? What do you know about the food, the culture, the literature? For many, the answer to all these questions is: nothing. And this is why Read My World is one of the most important festivals of this time. Read My World does not presume to know everything about the region that is the focal point of the festival, but invites literary voices from there to come highlight certain aspects here. I don’t think there could be a better moment to bring a literary festival about Poland and Ukraine to the Netherlands. The remains of the Ukraine-referendum are still smoldering, Prime Minister Rutte recently convened parliament for a closer examination of the result and at the same time a highly controversial anti-abortion law loomed up in Poland that was ultimately rejected due to mass protests.

Poland and Ukraine. Two countries going through turbulent times. According to the festival organization, there is no other place where writers are so close to the front line and the voice of paper is so loud.

You can read the whole report over here: RMW2016-SannePieters

Program 6 October

Opening evening

Tonight we will kick off the fourth edition of the festival with all of our Polish and Ukrainian writers on stage. They will introduce themselves to you in quick succession. Exclusively for Read My World, laurelled travel-writer Ilija Trojanow will deliver a keynote speech in which he delves into the dilemmas of a documentary writer. Versatile performance artist Babs Gons, accompanied by the Touki Delphine Experience band, will give a theatrical impression of her borderless Europe. The evening will be led by the magnetic Chris Keulemans. Touki Delphine DJ Experience closes the night on a festive note.