Queer it up!

10 Oct 2020
15:30 uur

Read My World has started the first Queer it Up! programme in 2018. Each edition, we take  up a different theme through LGBTQ+ perspectives. In this third edition, we focus on “Family Affairs” to look at the many definitions of “family” and how queerness can challenge the heteronormative ideas of the so-called “nuclear family”. What does it mean on the personal but also societal level? And how are literature, music and the imagination challenging these norms and creating new ways to think about “the family”.

We will explore the many identities around queerness, their fluidity, and talk about the possibility of love and connections in a variety of settings, including monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory etc. All accompanied by music looking at these themes.

Programme in English.

In partnership with SPECTRUM podcast