The Press and Polarization

12 Oct 2018
9:30 PM

European and Turkish societies are polarising, and so is the press. How are journalists dealing with this and what is the role of the media within this polarisation?

In this program journalists from various media will enter into discussion following an opening statement by Turkish journalist Ali Topuz. Topuz is the founder and editor in chief of Gazete Duvar (The Wallpaper), one of the few genuinely independent media outlets in Turkey.

With an eye on the Dutch as well as the Turkish situations, the panel discussion will focus on the role of (investigative) journalism in times of populism, the importance of alternative media and on how to give marginalised voices a platform within journalism.

With Ali Topuz, Tan Tunali, Aldith Hunkar and Fréderike Geerdink

Moderator: Nicole Terborg