Worth Fighting For

10 Oct 2020
17:00 uur

Anyone who believes in a cause would fight for it in their own way. Some, however, do it in the most vulnerable way, in front of the camera and in sight of a whole country. It takes courage to speak out loud and clear, to be unapologetic. The courage to look injustice in the eye, the courage to put yourself and your “safe” life on the line, the courage to be where there is most discomfort, to speak out and use your body and your voice as a means for change. And the courage to carry all the ugliness that comes over you when you speak out.

Four artists of the online cultural platform Paquet, one of the initiatives created during lockdown to provide inspiration, will share the work of a hero, someone who has inspired them, who has given them the courage to fight for what they believe in. After reading from the work of their source of inspiration, the artists will each bring their own work to the stage in dialogue with what has inspired them to create, and to continue the fight.

Host: Elten Kiene

Programme in Dutch