Our Toys

2 Sep 2022
6.30 PM

In this programme, we invite the audience and our poets to travel back to their childhood. We blend the stage and the public into a playground where our host, storyteller Sahand Sahebdivani invites us all to mingle as he erases the hierarchy between performers and the public, creating the space for us to travel back in time to go catch our favourite toy. Our poets and storyteller travel back to their own childhoods in Turkey, Palestine, Iran, the Netherlands, Morocco and maybe elsewhere.

Which toy did you pick? Who gave it to you? How old were then? Where were you?

Come sit in the cosy cushions among many toys (you can also bring your own!) as we discuss our relationship with toys, what they mean in our different contexts – from the personal to the political, through storytelling and poetry, we experience the joy and sorrow of our toys.