Violence, Virality and Narrative in Visual Media

10 Oct 2020
15:00 uur

Every day we consume images of war and violence. With the rise of the web the quick spread of such images has radically changed our way of visual media-consumption and altered the sphere of our human relationships. In her visual essay, GIVE IT A SHOT VVV ON VIOLENCE, VISIBILITY, VIRUSES, researcher and writer Donatella Della Ratta visualizes this interconnectedness and causality between violence, virality and the body.

In what way does the camera, or the gun become an extension of us and also infiltrate our body through visual media? And in what way can personal narratives, through visual poetry and storytelling, offer an antidote to the viral spreading of violent imaginary? Together with Dutch-Turkish video artist Belit Sag, Palestinian (visual) poet Ghayath Almadhoun, and Donatella Della Ratta, we investigate these questions and discuss contemporary issues surrounding violence, virality and narrative in contemporary visual culture.

The conversation will be led by Chris Keulemans and will include the screening of two works by Belit and Ghayath.

This is the old program, on 3th of July 2024 the new program will be available!