Unprecedented Love

4 Sep 2021
18:30 uur

In his book Ongekende Liefde (Unprecedented Love) Vamba Sherif tells his life story to his ten-year-old daughter Bendu. He wants her to know her African roots and the long arduous journey some people have to take to get to where they are. Vamba talks about growing up in a well-esteemed family of religious leaders and scientists in Liberia. A family which is home to multiple religions and where women play a crucial role. When a young Vamba breaks unwritten laws the verdict is strict: banishment. He will never see his mother again. He leaves for Kuwait which he flees for Syria because of the Gulf war to eventually end up in a Dutch asylum centre.

Chris Keulemans talks with Vamba Sherif about the road he traveled. A conversation about unbreakable family ties, about resilience and trust, and the comfort books can offer.

This is the old program, on 3th of July 2024 the new program will be available!