Mail Art

10 Oct 2020
17:00 uur

When the first wave of the coronavirus started around the world, people and culture sought refuge on the Internet. Read My World brought With Love to life during those first crisis months: the series consisted of ten letters from writers from all over the world, accompanied with unique illustrations each, sent to your physical inbox. Not a fleeting email or app, but a letter, to hold on to and to pass on.

In pre-internet times, physical mail was used by artists and writers to exchange small works of art, poetry and letters. Mail Art was an alternative and intimate genre, stimulating exchange and setting up new networks.

During this hands-on workshop, together with designers Anja Groten and Karl Moubarak, we explore the power of distributed networks and breathe new life into the tradition of Mail Art. Write, draw, cut, paste, pass on and create your own Mail Art!