Woorden Worden Zinnen

14 Oct 2017
10 PM

We conclude the festival in the garden with Words become sentences.

Warmed by the camp res, a varied company of poets, spoken word artists and musicians look back on the festival. As you sit under the starry sky, let words carry you into the night.


Sjaan Flikweert
Malique Mohamud
Massih Hutak
Loulou Elisabettie
Anne Bosveld
Jay Way
Sahand Sahebdivani
Kevin Groen
Yahmani Blackman
Mia You
Chuck Perkins
Smita James
Samira Saleh
Donya Batta
Ike Krijnen
Joni Jules Williams
Ogutu Muraya
Onias Landveld
Lamyn Belgaroui
Kataalyst Alcindor
Gershwin Bonevacia
Mr Winter

This is the old program, on 3th of July 2024 the new program will be available!