Language of the Flesh

10 Oct 2020
21:00 uur

Many of us are or have been experiencing moments of solitude in the face of our desires, within our own body. For this second edition of our Language of the Flesh series which started last year, we aim to explore what it means to desire from a place of solitude, through poetry, writing, music, and the imagination. Do we cultivate love and desire for ourselves? Or for someone (or more) else? Is it painful? Joyful? Lustful? Fearful? Do we really have total freedom: to fantasize, or not? To speak with our own body the way we want? …

Simon(e) van Saarloos, Sulaiman Addonia and Donatella Della Ratta will perform new writing which they will create for this programme, while Anastasis Sarakatsanos will guide us through the programme with storytelling and music.

This is an intimate programme, where the imagination is central. Spectators will be able to dive into their own imagination, minds, and be with themselves – in their solitude, while experiencing the programme collectively.

This programme includes reading in Italian and in English. All content will be translated into English.