Irresistable Futures

3 Sep 2021
18:30 uur

In her works Pleasure Activism and Emergent Strategies, Adrienne Maree Brown poses the question of how we can imagine and illustrate a future so beautiful, so inevitable that it becomes irresistible to all. Activism comes with struggle and resistance, often in the form of resilience. We speak of a fight, a struggle, something to be won. But what would it mean to resist, to enjoy certain rights without guilt, by way of self-actualization, by taking up of space through the creation of alternative livelihoods through community, care, and pleasure? And how can we call on to this form of action?

Read My World asks three authors to write their own contemporary manifesto in which they call for action towards an irresistible future and to call for a movement that is rooted in resilience, but also moves towards care and self-actualization. These pieces will be performed and musically presented by Manuwi.