Imagining new spaces

4 Sep 2021
21:30 uur

This programme centres around the idea and wish to create new futures. What ‘space’ do people of color occupy today? And if so what kind of space is it? How does a person of color or from a marginalised group create space, maintain that space and ensure that it is a safe space. We are dealing with a dominant narrative to which we must relate. If one defies this narrative there is the risk of being canceled. For writers and creatives of color these are very much ideas in development. The question is what counter-narratives can emerge and how to prevent these from becoming hegemonic narratives which leave no room for alternative views. The essence of these questions is how power is distributed and if we are even aware of the underlying power structures?

In short, what makes a narrative strong and why do we need counter narratives?

We invited Naeeda Aurangzeb, Zeinab El Bouni en Aminata Cairo to discuss this and offer insights from their respective professions. Guided by our moderator Farah Bazzi we will tackle these questions and imagine how we can shape new futures.