Hirak: Imagining Uprising

11 Oct 2019
19:00 uur

The protest movement in Morocco is called Hirak, which literally translates as ‘movement’. As with many worldwide protest movements there is a role for the arts within Hirak. However, these protests have been unique and distinct from those in surrounding countries. Has the Hirak produced a movement in the Moroccan literary field, or is it too early to say?

In this program Moroccan writers and journalists explore what and how big the influence of protest has been on contemporary literature. Drawing on texts and personal stories and perspectives on the movement, they discuss the importance of the interplay between Hirak and literature. Is literature slowly starting to seep into the movement?

And how do writers incorporate the unrest in their work and what role do they have when we consider the importance of the imagination in bring about social change and proposing new perspectives?

As with every movement there are elements within Hirak that hinder or stimulate protest. Is literature merely responsible for depicting the civil protest movement or must it play a role in imagining the dreams of the people for a better future?

With Yassin Adnan, Karima Ahdad and Imad El-Attabi
Moderated by Chris Keulemans
Translator: Bochra Laghssais

Language: Derija with English translations