Vamba Sherif

Vamba Sherif, (he/him), partially raised in Kuwait, is a writer and journalist. He fled the country due to the Gulf War and ended up in the Netherlands at the age of twenty. His debut novel, “The Land of the Fathers” (1999), is partly based on the stories of his grandmother and explores the clash between Liberians who returned from the United States as freed slaves and other Liberians. “Silence Duty” (2007), a detective novel about a man investigating a disappearance, depicts how power and abuse of power operate in Africa.

Afterwards, he published “The Witness,” a sharp portrayal of the migration country Netherlands. His novel “The Black Napoleon” (2015) portrays Samori Touré, who founded the Wasulu Empire in West Africa in the 19th century. His journalistic work, including film reviews, has been published in outlets such as The New York Times, Trouw, and One World. Alongside Ebissé Rouw, he edited the anthology “Black” (2018), featuring Afro-European literature from the Low Countries. In 2021, he released “Unprecedented Love,” in which he tells his life story to his ten-year-old daughter, Bendu.