Photo: Febe Meijnen

Tja Ling Hu

Tja Ling, a visual artist and illustrator, explores the human condition through her detailed pencil drawings defying the limitations of words, embracing the power of drawings as her chosen medium of expression. In her drawings she weaves the threads of mythology into her artwork, breathing life into ancient tales and archetypal symbols. Mythological motifs gracefully merge with her subjects, illuminating universal truths and timeless themes. She is intertwining mythology, visual storytelling, and personal narratives to create art that becomes a conduit for shared understanding and a testament to the interconnectedness of human stories.

Her work was seen in exhibitions at venues such as the Amsterdam Museum, Beurs van Berlage, het Scheepvaart Museum and Museum Ijsselstein.

She uses her passion for storytelling also for her commissioned work as an illustrator working for newspapers such as the Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, and de Correspondent and creating murals.


Photo: Febe Meijnen