Smita James

Smita James is a rhythmic orator. Driven by dreams, wishes, people, thoughts and life, she translates emotions in her poems. She tells the stories of our hearts in the silence of our breathing or electronic waves. Together with producer Chris Ci she forms the formation Poetronic and they take you away with their ambient spoken word.

You may know James from her musical collaborations with, among others, Hans Dulfer, KD Soundsystem, Het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble or maybe you have seen her shine during theater performances Shrew Her by Ira Kip or Fok Me Hokje by Studio 52nd. Of course you will also find her on stage during spoken word evenings such as Read My World, SLAA, Woorden Worden Zinnen or Nuff Said and she sometimes appears with an art installation and you listen to a spoken word audio play from the back seat.