Smita James

Smita James a.k.a SJ Poet is the rhythmic reasoner who spins her words around love, thunder and other collisions. Driven by what we dream with our eyes open and taste with our mouths shut she turns stages into living rooms and minds into arenas.

She’s a poet’s poet, one who writes more than she reads and moves more than she travels. Comparing her to other poets and vocalists wouldn’t do justice to her road of discovery and perhaps it would even spoil her destination. Let’s just say she’s walking. On sunshine, hot coals, greener grass and all things unpaved. Getting there. Getting there and wondering how raw you liked it rubbed and how much sugar fits in your bowl.

Her words have graced the stages of RE:Definition, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Cinnamon Wednesday, the Black Magic Woman festival, Ispeak, Spokenfm en Bijlmer Boekt. With Roots and Routes as her old stomping ground and her experience producing musical and theatrical events she’s known to mix poems with practice and make it purr. Besides solo performances is Smita James also getting ready to introduce the world to her collaboration with producer Ci Seryne.