Sipan Tekin

Sipan Tekin is an actor/performer and theatre maker based in Amsterdam. After completing his acting education in Theatre and Performing Arts in Istanbul, he pursued a Master’s program in theatre making and directing at Das Theatre in Amsterdam.

Passionate about exploring the communicative and phonological potential of language,Sipan believes that communication goes beyond meaningful exchange, the communication has a potential to happen in different levels of bodily and¬†¬†internal experiences, communication/exchange encompassing the sounds and internal actions produced by speech or speeches produced by inner motions and sonic compositions. Inspired by the rich Kurdish oral tradition, particularly the art of “Dengbej,” he seeks new potential in narrations through his research on performativity and the physicality of language. His research focuses on somatic and sensory experiences, aiming to connect with audiences on a deeper level beyond rational understanding.

Through his artistic journey, Sipan continues to infuse his search with cultural influences, bridging cultures and languages to create experiential performances that resonate with diverse audiences.