Sinine Nakhle

Sinine Nakhle is a researcher, storyteller, and cartoon artist. In 2018, they created Beirut By Dyke, a web-comic series featuring short stories about being queer in Beirut. Their multi-media page, which tackles intersectional topics around gender, sexuality, and mental health, is taught as a case study of visual ethnography at the American University of Beirut, Leiden University, SOAS University of London, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Sinine wrote their second MA thesis at Leiden University, entitled “The Platformization of Queer Solidarity: Re-defining Space in Post-Protest Lebanon”. The project received the 3rd-place LOVA Marjan Rens MA Thesis Award and served as a stepping stone for Sinine’s current research project. Currently, Sinine is pursuing their Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam, where they are examining embodied digital translation in the aesthetic activist practices of the 2019 protest movement in Lebanon.