Simone Zeefuik

Zeefuik is an Amsterdam based writer and organizer whose work focuses on imagery, representation, anti-Blackness, (digital) archives and the illegalized members of the Black communities in the Netherlands.

In Oct. 2016 she launched #RewriteTheInstitute. This voiceful, digital, as-we-grow archive critiques the language Dutch institutes use to describe Black people and our lives, communities, cultures, traditions, histories, current realities and/or futures.
The first digital archive she initiated, entered the Twittahrena in 2013 and carried the hashtag #BlackNL. The tag was used to file documents, articles and interviews that illustrate the lives and pasts of the Black communities in the Netherlands. Since then she co-initiated #DecolonizeTheMuseum and #UndocumentedNL . In a pre-hashtag life, Zeefuik founded literary platform RE:Definition (2008-2013) and she’s currently plotting a part deux of what shouldn’t be called a comeback.