Sagid Carter

Sagid (1994) started as a young radio producer but quickly transformed to hosting shows for FunX radio. And hosted her own Saturday night show ‘Club Carter’ on 3FM. Currently, she is curating the hottest tracks and interviewing international artist for the daily show 3voor12 Radio.

In her spare time, she created her own podcast, Cartish Radio. A platform for her passion for storytelling and human interest. Which was the foundation of her new project: Sagid Carter Interviews. Sagid Carter, can be found on Youtube and all your favorite podcast channels. It’s music, talks, fashion & all other things Sagid cares for. So go check that out. In 2020 The Volkskrant choose Sagid as Media Talent of the Year. Oh and if you need a Dutch or English voiceover for your campaign? Listen to the demo below.