Sabrina Starke

Sabrina Starke is a self-made, awarding-winning Singer-Soulwriter, Producer, and Self-Empowerment Ambassador residing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Hailing from Surinam, the initial spark of creativity entered her life at a very young age thanks to her musically inclined family.

Sabrina’s voice is both melodic and powerful, jolting one’s heart wide-awake. Her one-of-kind sound is greatly influenced by traditional soul, folk, hip-hop and reggae. Sabrina received a number of prestigious awards for her soul-soothing music, including two Edison Awards (Best Newcomer of 2009 & the Edison Jazzism Peoples Choice) and two Radio 6 Awards (Best Album 2013 & Best Song 2015).

Her fifth and self-titled album was released in 2015. That album marked an important point in her life, which is all about identity and redefining herself. And her mission in life was born that year: to utilize herself and her creative talents to inspire people to think consciously about their lives and dreams. Most recently, Sabrina Starke has been working on multiple creative ventures, including her sixth album and two self-produced shows, “The Soul of Reggae” and “Imagine: the Power of Music.” Armed with her guitar, this creative soul will continue to share her gift and inspire others, one song at a time.