Rokhaya Diallo

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Rokhaya Diallo is a writer, journalist, filmmaker, podcaster and activist for ethnical, gender and religious equality. She lives and works in Paris.

In 2013 she was named one of the 100 most influential French women by Slate Magazine, and Britain’s Powerful Media Ranking named her of the 30 most influential black thinkers in Europe. She has received much praise for her fight against racism and discrimination. She has published a variety of works and research on racism and has hosted and directed several TV shows. She has written many books including: Racism: a guide, France Belongs to UsFrance: One and Multicultural and How to talk to kids about racism, as well as graphic novels Pari(s) d’Amies, and Afro! She co-hosts the podcast “Kiffe ta Race” with Grace Ly. Her latest book is Ne reste pas à ta place.

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