Rhoda Davids Abel

Rhoda Davids Abel (she/her) is artistic researcher, storyteller, poet (and spiritual worker). She attempts to connect the past to the present through archival research combined with dream symbolism and interpretations. RDA is currently finishing her MA at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam,The Netherlands and have exhibited work amongst and including, Kunsthalle Palazzo (PlattformPlattform), Kunsthaus Langenthal (Cantonale Berne/Jura) and won the Swiss Performance Art Award 2022 with the performance, ’Neon Bush Girl Society’ in collaboration with Latefa Wiersch and Dandara Modesto.
RDA has received funding from Migros Kulturprozent, Kunsthalle Basel and Kunstkomission Stadt Bern to further her research projects. She is currently exploring performative movement and poetry under the title, ‘A mouth full of names’ in which she is exploring belonging, culture and identity of ancestors that resonate in the form of mythical and fantastical birds that migrated (or were forced to migrate), but rarely returned home and remain in a state of in-between sky and soil at various landing places. She is also working on various short documentary projects exploring the everyday stories of multigenerational ‘mixed race’ people from South Africa.