Myriam Sahraoui

Myriam Sahraoui, born and raised in Morocco the child of a Moroccan father and a Dutch mother, has always found herself at the intersection of different worlds. The joining of these worlds has become an important theme throughout her life. She discovered the power of storytelling and the ‘true meeting’ during her work as documentary maker and researcher. Together with Adelheid Roosen, Nazmiye Oral en Elly Ludenhoff, she was at the conception of theater company Zina. Where she now is head of research and project manager and where she developed the coaching program ‘I Meet Myself’ together with therapist Jale Simsek.

Myriam studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, worked for the European Commission in Brussels and the NTR. With Jalal Bouzamour she made the series ‘Greetings from Holland’ about five first generation Moroccan women making a road trip through Holland; the series was nominated for the Prix Europa 2018 and won the Moroccan Diwan Award in 2019. Myriam is ‘advisor Morocco’ for Dutchculture. She occupies different board positions in the cultural and social field and is often asked as moderator or interviewer at meetings.