Mounir Samuel

Mounir Samuel (1989) is a Dutch-Egyptian political scientist & Middle East expert. He became one of the most famous young commentators on TV and Radio in the Netherlands during the Egyptian uprising against President Hosni Mubarak (2011).

Born as a girl out of orthodox-protestant Egyptian parents raised in the Dutch Bible Belt, his coming out in public first as a lesbian and later as a female-to-male gender queer (not to be mistaken with transgender) has resulted in huge debate in the Netherlands. Through his work, public speaking, TV appearances and writing he has constantly pushed the boundaries and cultural notions of sexuality and gender. His latest work includes a popular vlog series on his transition and the social side effects as he calls a public gender transition, and numerous long-reads for de Groene Amsterdammer (the Dutch equivalent to the New Yorker) in which he investigates racism and discrimination in the sex tourism in Thailand, the double lives of middle class youth in Senegal, “sad in the city” being the only-non black in a all-black neighborhood in Brooklyn-Queens NYC, and the growing color-alliances among non-white second and third generation