Max Czollek

Max Czollek (1987, Berlin) is a poet, writer, performer, curator, publisher, researcher and initiator of various social and literary projects.

He lives and works in Berlin where he is co-founder of the international project Babelsprech which aims to create a network of young contemporary German-speaking poets through joint performances, anthologies and an online platform.

Max is also involved in ‘Yalta – Positions on the Jewish Present’. He writes engaging essays on anti-Semitism and investigates the position of Jews in German society. With Sasha Marianna Salzmann he curated “De-integration Congress” in 2016 and “die Radikalen Jüdischen Kulturtage” in the Maxim Gorki Theatre in 2017. His poetry has appeared in various literary magazines and anthologies, in German but also in translation. In the autumn his second collection of essays will be published and his new large-scale project, ‘Tage der Jüdisch-Muslimischen Leitkultur’, which is concerned with formulating a new narrative for a Judeo-Muslim culture in Germany and other related socio-political debates, will start in major German-speaking theatres.

Recent publication: Gegenwartsbewältigung (2020).

Photo: Andreas Hassiepen