Kleaver Cruz

Kleaver Cruz is an Uptown, NY native, a writer, dreamer and lover of travel. His work has been featured in La Galería and African Voices Magazine as well as on Vibe.com and the Huffington Post among others.

Kleaver is the creator of The Black Joy Project, a a digital and real-world movement to center Black joy as a form of resistance. He is a member of the NYC Chapter of the Black Lives Matter network as well as a member of We Are All Dominican, a US-based grassroots effort to support the work being done by Dominicans of Haitian Descent and Haitian Migrants living in the Dominican Republic who are experiencing extreme marginalization. He loves being Black, Queer and the myriad of elements that comprise who he is with the understanding that they are all parts of a whole. Kleaver believes in the power of words because they allow him to write what did not exist when he needed it the most.


photo: Sindayiganza