Gerson Main

Gerson started playing various instruments, mainly the guitar, but eventually realized that he prefers to express himself in Dutch (as a language). This love for language, combined with the desire to tell stories, has led him to pursue a career as a songwriter, playwright, and poet.

After years of playing guitar in bands such as Dio, Akwasi, Steffen Morrison, and Sarah Jane, he shifted his focus to his own work. In 2015, he reached the finals of ‘The Best Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands,’ and a year later, he released the album ‘The Worst Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands.’ After a club and festival tour, he created the production ‘Go Away, but Stay’ in 2017, which received positive reviews.

In the following years, he started writing extensively for and with others.

Currently, Gerson is working on his new project: a personal album, performance, and poetry collection that are set to be released early next year.