Funky Sophie

Growing up in a family of musicians, Sophie was destined to start playing music herself. She asked for and was given a keyboard on her eighth birthday and around that time Sophie started to take keyboard lessons at a local music school as well. Her passion for music grew even greater during her teenage years when she also started attending singing classes. It soon became clear to her that she wanted to incorporate music in her professional career and she consequently attended a one-year program in preparation of the conservatory. This program included song writing, music theory and band coaching.

In the meantime Sophie had also started giving piano classes to people of all ages. Sophie graduated from the Haarlem Conservatory as a session musician in 2015. Over the years, Sophie has participated in several bands, both covering existing music and playing original songs. She has also spent time in recording studios, expanded her number of students, and given live performances on numerous occasions. Her development has led to the famous singer Waylon nicknaming her ‘Funky Sophie’, a great honour indeed! It is beyond a doubt that music is no longer just her passion, it is now an essential part of her life.