Fedwa Misk

Fedwa Misk is a Moroccan author, playwright and screenwriter.

Trained as a doctor, Fedwa Misk began collaborating on a freelance basis with several Moroccan and foreign newspapers in 2010. During the Arab Spring, Fedwa Misk noted the absence of an audible female voice in the Moroccan media. She then launched the feminist webzine Qandisha, which became the voice of Moroccan women from various backgrounds. Among the contributors, writers, journalists, students and women from all walks of life.

From 2015 to 2018, she hosts, on the airwaves of radio 2M, a weekly literary program: Diwane, a magazine devoted to literary releases.

Her first play, “Our mothers”, is a work that tries to explain how the relationship to the mother, can prevent a woman from emancipating herself. Published by Éditions de La croisée des chemins, in March 2021, the book was a great success and was nominated for the Prix Ivoire de la littérature francophone. The production is planned for 2022.

In 2021, she finishes writing her first script for a series, dedicated to divorced women fighting for their guardianship rights.

In 2022, she is working on a comic book project, with French comic artist Aude Massot, about abortion.

Her first novel is currently being written.