Foto: Sharon Jane

Eva van Manen

The Dutch artist Eva van Manen is an independent Dutch artist, poet, music composer and producer who moves between the seams of many different disciplines and worlds. As a music producer she composes cinematic stories, a narrative music production style combining soundscapes, field recordings, sounddesign, beats and the usage of analogue and digital instruments.

On her debut album “Politics & Love” Eva bridges styles such as rap, electronica and guitar pop with a fluid, personal angle and explores where politics and love coalesce and sever. In dialogue with itself, but also reflective of its environment. This dialogue is expressed within both lyrics and production, with her broad musical field of interest – from hip-hop, soul, indie and jazz – forming an imaginative palette.

Eva co-founded rosetta. with fellow producer Josephine Zwaan. A platform for and by female and gender non-conforming music producers in The Netherlands. From novice to professional, from beat maker to mixing engineer. rosetta. organizes table talks, interviews, masterclasses and workshops. Visit the website for more information.

For her second album ‘In Depth’ (2021) she searched for a flowing sensitivity. For this album she worked with several pop- and jazz musicians in Amsterdam. 
Whether producing, reciting poems or performing live, Eva’s work always seems to arise from a kind of natural wave pattern. Everything comes from the same source: a mind who makes not so obvious things obvious, and vice versa.

Foto: Sharon Jane