Photo: Len Land Photography

Dionne Verwey

Theater maker, performing artist, and presenter Dionne Verwey seeks out the beauty of everyday life and reflects it back to her audience.

After completing her mime studies at the Academy of Theater and Dance in 2021, Dionne has been shining in productions throughout the Netherlands, with nuanced performances that capture the essence of time. In the summer of 2021, she graduated with a Master’s in Das Creative Producing, which gave her work a more socially entrepreneurial approach.

To delve into contemporary socio-political issues on stage, Dionne draws inspiration from sources in daily life. “As an artist, I always turn to music. If I’m talking about a topic from the 1960s, I listen to an artist from the 1960s because politics come to light through popular culture. It shows what the masses were talking about and what they were engaged with.”

Dionne Verwey is the winner of the Top Naeff Award (2012), Joop Mulderplak (2020), and a two-time Colombina nominee for Best Supporting Actress in 2018 and 2021. The Dutch Theater Jury describes her performance in the coming-of-age production “De Gliphoeve” (2021) as “impressively versatile – Verwey’s drive, dedication, and joy make you want more.”

Photo: Len Land Photography